17 Apr 14
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14 Apr 14
Chase purity, chase humility, chase gentleness, chase kindness, chase love, chase life, chase truth.
13 Apr 14

Today, my friends and I grabbed some wraps at a cafe and went to find a place to sit down. We ended up being escorted away from some seats because they belonged to another cafe, so my friends spontaneously decided to sit in an alleyway with dumpsters and stuff, kick over a few crates, and sit down and eat. It took me around 30 seconds before I was willing to join them and awkwardly eat wraps out of a paper bag sitting on a crate in an alleyway as passerbys looked at us with strange faces.

Not long after, a homeless man with Aboriginal features (I’ve only been in Australia for 2 months, but I guessed correctly) comes over and asks us for some spare change and offers to sing to us. There were four of us crazy University students sitting on crates that day: two white girls, a girl from Kenya, and me. Three of us stare awkwardly as we attempt to finish our wrap as the homeless man sings to my Kenyan friend. After giving us a beautiful (He could sing!) song, my friend had a small, friendly conversation with him and gave him $5.

This happened as me and my two other friends were like


I realized many things today.

13 Apr 14
13 Apr 14
13 Apr 14
13 Apr 14
13 Apr 14
13 Apr 14
13 Apr 14
13 Apr 14
13 Apr 14
13 Apr 14
Pride makes us forget our sins, for the remembrance of them leads to humility.
-St. John Climacus (via confessionsofsomeoneanonymous)

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